Shaken Together

Shaken Together, LLC

Dr. Franklin Cobos and Jack McNeilus established Shaken Together, LLC with the purpose of providing low cost foods to Cumberland Country, TN and the surrounding communities.  We seek foods which possess at least 2 of 3 highly valued traits:

  1.  Taste
  2.  Nutrition
  3.  Affordability

We have varieties of white and brown rice, white and yellow popcorn (non-GMO, organic), and a variety of nuts that are freshly grown in the USA.  We now are seeking availability/pricing for a variety of beans, lentils and chick peas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans).  Wheat/flour, rice flour, and cornmeal are also in the pipeline for order (The greater the interest, the more we will purchase, so please let us know by phone or email!)

Call Jack for further details, pricing and to place orders: (931) 265-2140.

November 14, 2017 – PRODUCT UPDATES

The fresh nuts from these season were a real hit!  We have sold out, but if enough people express interest, we may purchase more before Christmas.  Please call!

The nut varieties include:

Fancy medium, pieces or halves: 1.1 lbs. for 9$ + 1$ tax = 10$ total.

Fancy Roasted and salted, large pieces, $7.50/lb or 1.3 lbs. for 10$.

Almonds, either sliced or whole $5.50/lb or 1.8 lbs. for 10$.

Light halves and pieces, $5.50/ lb or 1.8 lbs. for 10$.


or call Jack: 931-265-2140We wish you health, and good eating!
Sincerely,Jack and Franklin