The Doctor is INN!

Welcome and Merry Christmas!  Please look around and check back often as the site develops and fills with more content.

The Dr’s Inn, a health and wellness education center, is a unique location.  You may have to see it to believe it, and you definitely want to visit.  Click the link above, and please follow our FaceBook page (@TheDrsInn).

The Dr’s Foods is the landing page for, a low cost, bulk foods company I helped start in an effort to provide low cost foods specifically for local charities (such as soup kitchens, etc.).  BUT,  orders can be placed by/for anyone.

The Doctor’s Stories is a place where you will find my experiences in medical training and life in general.  What you read or see will be often entertaining, and always informative!

The Doctor’s Opinions will be a Blog for a variety of current and/or important topics.

The Doctor’s Recommendations are specific instructions/links on what I do to benefit myself, my family and close friends.

F Cobos, MD